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LHS French classes
LHS IB Français IV
Mlle. Fox's classes
LHS German
Ms. Dykstra's Spanish classes
Profe Parks
Profesora Ry
Mlle. Ladasky's classes
TVHS Spanish
TVHS French
MVHS French
LHS World Languages and Cultures
Thompson K-5 Spanish
Truscott Elementary Spanish
Thompson R2-J World Languages and Cultures
LHS Mentor Teacher
SraBurden Spanish Wikispace
Mme Perkins-UK
Soleil 2.0
Aztecs from Snaith Primary School
Isabelle Jones-UK
LEMS IB World Languages Wikispace
Foreign Language Learning-Wikiuniversity
Spanish-speaking countries'foods wiki
Colorado Learns:
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Top 50 Web 2.0 sites
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Curious about ways that educators around the world are using Web 2.0 tools?

Check these examples out for ideas.
Digital Youth Research- Kids' Informal Learning with Digital Media Report
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