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ACTFL 21st Century Skills Map: Learner targets
  1. Learner target #1: I can identify the ACTFL 21st century skills map and its contents in order to use them to discuss them in relationship to my role as a leader.
  2. Learner target #2: I can use a variety of technology tools to review the ACTFL 21st century skills.
  3. Learner target #3: I can reflect on my leadership role in relationship to these skills and others needed to be an effective leader in the 21st century.

"I can" statements
1. ACTFL 21st century skills map document-explore as you like-many ways-your choice
2. The source for this map
I can learn about the ACTFL 21st century skills by using a variety of resources.
2. Links to learn
  • Here are several sites where you can examine the 21st century skills and skill explanation.
  • Notice that they are student centered.
  • Choose as many as you want to be more familiar with these skills.
  • Refer to the reflection question above as you explore.

I can use a variety of technology tools to review the ACTFL 21st century skills.

(Which tools might you share to guide others?)
3. A challenge-if you like
  • Quizlet-go to this site, register
  • Make a set of flashcards that might be helpful for your teachers to learn about these skills
  • If you want send me the link to your flashcards and I will load them on the wiki
I can create my own meaning of the skills map by using different tech tools.

  • The Horizon Report series is the product of the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Project, an ongoing research project that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, research, or creative expression within education around the globe. :

  • Ian Jukes-Understanding Digital Childrem:Committed Sardine Website

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