Curriculum resources
Technology sources
ACTFL 21st century skills document:ACTFL 2012 P-21 worldlanguages skills map.pdf
  1. Assessment in the 3 modes-Resources from Wisconsin
  1. Cool Tools for School-lots of links and examples to tech tools so teachers can give students choices
ACTFL proficiency guidelines revised 2012
  1. What is proficiency? Resources from Greg Duncan
  1. World Languages Tech: lots of resources, activities and helpful links to give students choices
ACTFL-Alignment of Common Core ELA standards with the 5 C's:ACTFL Aligning Common core ELA with WL Language Standards 2012.pdf

P21 Common Core Toolkit:A Guide to Aligning the Common Core State Standards with the Framework for 21st Century Skills:P21CommonCoreToolkit.pdf
  1. Sample of an activity aligned with common core
Thanks @ Amy Kelly-Graham Twitter:
  1. The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should have.
CCSSO/ Asia Society/Edsteps:
Educating for global Competence:Preparing our youth to engage the world.CCSSO Partnership for Global Learning.pdf

Asia Society
Ed Steps
Global competencies matrices:Matrices420.pdf
  1. Sample of our WL district curriculum wiki
  2. Sample of our UbD units (attention-we have the 4 C's-communities integrated)
  1. iPad apps 4 Teachers
  2. The world in your pocket-apps for language classes--Thanks @Melinda Larson-Horne. Twitter @melindamlarson

  1. Edmodo
  1. Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices.

  1. TES Teaching resources-UK
  1. Teaching Resources is where teachers share and download free lesson plans, classroom resources, revision guides and curriculum worksheet. (From the UK. All content areas so search for language resources. You can add resources, too.
Connecting with students and classes around the world
  1. Global connections
  1. Scroll down the page. Look at menu on the left hand side until you see this category.

Many uses of Google docs-
A very easy guide
  1. Tips Every Teacher should Know about Google Docs in Education
  2. Google docs official site (you will need to create a Google email account-Free)
  3. Step-by-Step How to use Google Docs site
  4. Google Drive: use Google Drive to share/store files virtually
  1. Keep a record of dept. meeting notes and minutes as well as share them.
  2. Collaborative projects such as creating activities for class, designing assessments, building rubrics, etc. This way participants can work at remote locations, together, anytime, anywhere.
  3. Share dept updates with administrators.
  4. Use Google Drive to share/store files, docs, pdf, etc. virtually
A website resource:
  1. Build your Wikispace (Go to Educational wikispace if you are using it for class-means no ads)
  2. How to make a wikispace How to make a wikispace 2011.pdf
  3. See how I have organized my district's WL work
  1. Keep a department/district resource wiki
  2. Load up resources for parents and students
  3. Share student work
  4. Collaborate with other teachers on a project
  5. Students can collaborate
  6. Help teachers create a wiki if they don't have an opportunity to have a website
Sharing documents
  1. Dropbox-iPad app, too
  2. NADSFL summer dropbox link (I have loaded the handouts here)
  3. Google Drive:
  1. Use to share/store files, etc. virtually (because keeping track of emails and attachments is crazy!)
  2. If you have a big document or a large ppt,too big to send, then Dropbox is a solution.
  1. Wallwisher
  2. Linoit
  1. Both of these sites are virtual bulletin boards
Sharing articles and information as a curator of information
  1. Pinterest
  2. Mentormob
  3. Coming soon: Educlipper
  4. More on Educlipper
  1. See example and information above.
Sharing powerpoints and documents-view without downloading
  1. Slideshare: share ppt as well as search ppt for resources
  2. SCRIBD: load up documents to share on a site: scroll and read.
  1. Easy as registering and uploading
  2. Makes it easy to share
Notes, reminders, taking notes at a session, etc.
  1. Evernote
  1. Access it on any computer
  2. App available for phone and iPad
QR codes (those things that look like the scanner codes on foods when you go to the grocery store
  1. QR code maker (there are many-Google qr code maker)
  2. QR code reader for phone or tablet (there are many)
  1. Direct teachers to links, messages, etc.
  2. Train teachers to use in class
  3. QR codes in classroom: 50 Interesting ways to use QR codes to support learning